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In 2023, 200+ new Eyeglass styles released each week, More Than 10000 wholesale eyeglass modles ready to Delivery


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2023 Brand New Highend Titanium Eyewear Series-Bulk Wholesale Titanium Optical Frames

The highend wholesale Titanium+ eyewear series is our new released edition for 2023  brands eyewear stores, eyewear chain stores markets. We can custom Luxury  18k gold plated eyeglass frames as requested. We offer gold eyeglasses in classic styles, with or without nosepads. Round, oval or rimless. These stunning gold eyeglasses are available in 18k gold plated, golden filled and Silver plated. Besides,We bulk wholesale ready stocks Pure titanium ,Titanium+ Frames. You can find them  made by pure titanium,  titanium mixed with jewlery, wood, gold .

Wholesale Designer Eyeglassed Styles

High Quality Acetate Eyeglass,Sunglass,Mixed with Titanium, Metal Parts

More Nice Styles for highend series  bulk wholesale and Dropshipping, Learn  More

Luxury Styles

Luxury Buffalo Horn Eyeglass,Sunglass

Smart Eyewear Inspiration

Trending High Tech Smart Glasses Sunglass

More Nice Styles for bulk wholesale and Dropshipping, Learn  More

Main Products Series

Leading Eyewear Brands Overall Solutions Provider. 2023 One-Stop Custom Eyeglass Development & Manufacturing Supplier Empowering eyewear brands Around The World To Build Meaningful and better Products line.


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What Are The Best Wholesale Site To Buy Optical Frames and Sunglass in Bulk online?

Eyewearglobo is Among China’s Top Best Sunglass, Eyeglass Manufacturer Wholesaler and Supplier Since 2008. We Custom And Wholesale Vintage Eyeglass, High-End Sunglass, Acetate Eyeglass, Tr90, Titamium, Metal Optical Frames,Aluminium Sunglass, As well As Eco Wooden & Bamboo Sunglass and  Optical frames to Small Eyewear Retailers, Sunglass Wholesalers, Eyewear Brands and Big Eye Eyeglass Distributors Around The Globe. We Help Your Sunglass and Eyewear Business Grow More Steadily And Faster.

Eyewearglobo Care Each Eyewear Quality from All Details

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Ready for 2023 Eyewear Catalogues(Ready Stocks and Custom Series)

As a wholesale eyewear supplier and highend optical manufacturer, Eyewearglobo has a wide range of its own ready-to-send stocks. All these glasses  deliver products of excellent quality. The collections of the wholesale glasses are always unique and the glasses are adapted to the latest fashion every season. As a result, the glasses meet all the latest Fashion, Retro and Timeless trends.The extensive new range of eyewear in the optical wholesale sector offers unlimited choice in new frames and lens colors. If you look at the collections you will see a standard model of the glasses. In many cases, both the lens and the frame of the glasses can be adjusted as desired.You can also contact us for custom sunglasses. All these glasses are provided with their own design or logo.

To Get More Nice Catalogues for bulk wholesale , Contact Sales Email eyewearglobo@foxmail.com

2023 Bulk Wholsale -Kids Glasses

In recent years, as teenagers spend more time on the Internet, they are more likely to have access to mobile phones and computers, leading to a rise in eye vision problems.  We devote more energy to the production and wholesale of children’s optical frame, children’s anti radiation anti blue light glasses, children’s sunglasses.  Design color

sports kids blue light glass YKF8141(5)
tr90 blue light glass for kids YKF8500 (4)
bulk kids blue light glass YKF8506 (10)
oval kids blue light glass YKF8146 (4)

wholesale oval kids blue light glass YKF8146

kids round bluelight glass YKF3573(2)

wholesale kids round blue light glass YKF3573

square kids glasses blue light YKF8284 (3)

square kids glasses blue light YKF8284

kids readers blue light YKF8509(2)

wholesale kids readers blue light YKF8509

new kids reading glass YKF2307(3)

wholesale new kids reading glass YKF2307

tr90 kids reading glass YKF8142(2)

wholesale tr90 kids reading glass YKF8142

fashion kids blue light glass YKF8140 (1)

wholesale fashion kids blue light glass YKF8140

blue light glass for kids XYKF8141 (12)

wholesale blue light glass for kids YKF8141

2023 Wholesale Bulk Sports Goggles

Custom Wholesale Motorcycle goggles,Bike  Cycling Glasses ,Ski Goggles, Safety Goggles Swimming Goggles etc. Sports Sunglass Manfuacturer and Supplier. Make Design Come True. Provide OEM/ODM Service For Your Business. Get A Free Sample! We have Prepared Catelogues for you, Feel free to ask.

wholesale Cycling Goggles Manufacturer

wholesale Cycling Goggles

wholesale Motor Cycling Goggles Manufacturer

wholesale Motor Cycling Goggles

wholesale Ski Goggles Manufacturer

wholesale Ski Goggles

wholesale Swimming Goggles

wholesale Swimming Goggles

wholesale Tacticle Goggles Manufacturer

wholesale Tacticle Goggles

wholesale Safety Goggles Manufacturer

wholesale Safety Goggles

2023 Looking For
A Trusted Custom Eyeglass Sunglass
Manufacturer ?

We are Eyewearglobo – a ethical and sustainable custom eyeglass manufacturer from China with certificates for optical frames and sunglass. Whether you need OEM sunglass, spectacles manufacturing, we got you covered. We produce and deliver Middle high-quality eyewear to eyewear brands wholesalers, retailers, fashion sunglass designers, events, companies, and institutions. Get in touch with us and let us know about your project.

With Robust and Strong eyeglass  materials ,lense and accessories supplyment  factories , we are an ideal choice for optical frames brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint and
improve their CSR rating.

  • OEM MASS PRODUCTION MOQ is 300 pieces per design 1-3 colors
  • The lead time for one sample is 15-35 working days
  • The monthly production range of our eyewear factories is up to 100k pieces a month
  • Custom Materails, Frame Shapes, Colors

For the past 14 years, we’ve helped various eyeglass  brands and organisations grow their business and reputation.  

On our  Blog Page, you can read all about us as full package production manufacturers.

One eyeglass and sunglass type we persistently made over the years are custom Acetate Frames. Whether you need A highend Series or Regular Seriess, we got you covered.

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We specialize in producing medium and high-end optical frames and sunglasses. Since 2008, most of our customers are wholesalers, chain stores, online brands and retail brand stores in various markets. This is not to say that we only produce glasses, we have a large stock of glasses and sunglasses in various materials. In 2023, with the customer’s request and the market’s feedback, we added two major categories of sports glasses and children’s glasses. Some of them you can see on our website. Since we have a wide range of quality glasses, what you see on the site is only a very limited portion, which of course comes from our best seller list.
Please be sure to contact our sales staff to send your latest quotation and product inventory list.
For technical aspects of our industry, you can rely on us in the following situations:

Mass production requires consistent quality (we have been in this industry since 2008 and we have automated every aspect of production)
You are looking for a sustainable and ethical eyewear manufacturer
You want more glasses and sunglasses made of (sheet, metal, horn, titanium, bamboo, shell, etc.) materials.
You need eyeglasses suppliers with sufficient inventory, or you want to mix orders with logos in small batches.

We will be your very reliable and cooperative partner.