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Blue-Block series eyeglasses


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With the steady increase in using digital screens for everything from work to social media, blue light exposure is becoming a real threat to eye health. As more consumers are learning of the potentially harmful issues blue light can cause, blue light glasses are growing increasingly popular.


Blue light is emitted in various ways – such as through the sun and on a computer or cell phone screen. While some exposure is not bad, too much can lead to serious damage to the eyes. It is important to block at least some of the rays to avoid overexposure. Special blue light glasses provide blue light blocking qualities for protection. The glasses are also referred to as computer glasses or protective reading glasses.

Computer glasses, or blue light glasses, consist of two lenses held together by a frame. They can be purchased wholesale from a manufacturer or distributor and then sold wholesale for a higher price. As more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of the rays they are being exposed to, many retailers choose blue light glasses as a product to sell because they are in demand.


By purchasing the anti-blue light glasses wholesale, retail companies are able to purchase in bulk and therefore, make a profit from the computer glasses while providing a valuable service to the consumer through making the wholesale items available to the public.

Quality is of utmost importance. If you sell a cheap brand, your customers will not only be unhappy, they will demand their money to be returned. It is imperative to deal with high quality if you want to satisfy your customers and promote integrity within your company.

1)Import, Custom, and Wholesale Blue Light Glasses for Kids from China Blue Light Glasses Manufacturer and Supplier

2)Import, Custom, and Wholesale Blue Light Glasses for Adults from China Blue Light Glasses Supplier and Factory

3)Import Anti Blue Light Glasses for Computer from China Blue Light Blocking Glasses Manufacturers

4)Import Anti Blue Light Glasses for Gaming from China Eyewear Manufacturer


If you can’t get great quality from a wholesale provider, you will be out of business before you ever get started. It is imperative to find an excellent wholesale supply company to provide you with excellent quality and rock-bottom prices as well.

Eyewearglobo is a trusted blue light glasses manufacturer,wholesaler in the industry. You’ll find all styles and types – like acrylic classic-black framed unisex versions to meet the need of a wide spectrum of consumers. Cardboard displays are available as well. The glasses even come pre-tagged, so you will save time and money.

At Eyewearglobo, we understand that you, as a retailer, have needs that must be met. You are dependent on us to provide you superb quality at a low cost. You need a company you can trust that will cut out the hassle and haggles so you can do what you do best…sell your wares. We are pleased to be at your service and will do all we can to help you succeed.

Wholesale blue light glasses bulk from Eyewearglobo, a professional China blue light glasses manufacturer and supplier, can greatly shorten your supply chain, rich styles can save your trial and error costs, and sufficient inventory can speed up delivery.

Block Out Harmful Blue Light With BlockBlueLight Glasses, normally use tr90  materials.
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