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wholesale acetate metal eyewear/sunglasses

2021 WHOLESALE retro acetate  GLASSES from Eyewearglobo

Wholesale Acetate Eyewear – Select 2021 high-quality Wholesale retro Acetate optical frames, sunglass at best price.
2021 NEW Fashion man acetate metal eyeglasses frame vintage Wholesale High-Quality Acetate Glasses, Handmade Acetate Eyewear.

Retro and vintage glasses are Top needs in recent years, never miss the 2021 opportunity. Representing classics, Retro styles are undeniably fashionable and can improve practically any outfit, so just select the non-prescription option when choosing lenses if you don’t need them for vision correction. Our durable acetate frames come in panto, round, square, and cat-eye shapes in all colors and offer a luxurious fit.

WHAT ARE Acetate frames?

Acetate frames are lightweight and often considered better and higher quality than plastic frames. They are known for their hypoallergenic qualities and are therefore a popular choice amongst those with sensitive skin. Unlike certain plastic frames or some metal frames, they are less likely to cause irritation.

We mix REtro elements, Fashion styles together.


By purchasing the Acetate frames wholesale, retail companies are able to purchase in bulk and therefore, make a profit from the acetate frames while providing a valuable service to the consumer through making the wholesale items available to the public.

Quality is of utmost importance. If you sell a cheap brand, your customers will not only be unhappy, they will demand their money to be returned. It is imperative to deal with high quality if you want to satisfy your customers and promote integrity within your company.

Import, Custom, and Wholesale our high-end vintage Acetate frames for men from  china Acetate frames Supplier and Factory

Import, Custom, and Wholesale retro handmade  Acetate frames for women from  china Acetate frames Supplier and Factory


If you can’t get great quality from a wholesale provider, you will be out of business before you ever get started. It is imperative to find an excellent wholesale supply company to provide you with excellent quality and rock-bottom prices as well.

Eyewearglobo is a trusted high-end Acetate frames manufacturer, wholesaler in the industry. You’ll find all styles and types – like acrylic classic-black framed unisex versions to meet the need of a wide spectrum of consumers. Cardboard displays are available as well. The glasses even come pre-tagged, so you will save time and money.

At Eyewearglobo, we understand that you, as a retailer, have needs that must be met. You are dependent on us to provide you superb quality at a low cost. You need a company you can trust that will cut out the hassle and haggles so you can do what you do best…sell your wares. We are pleased to be at your service and will do all we can to help you succeed.

Wholesale Acetate frames for men from Eyewearglobo, Top Acetate frames manufacturer and supplier, can greatly shorten your supply chain, rich styles can save your trial and error costs, and sufficient inventory can speed up delivery.

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