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Sunglasses Wholesale - China Wholesale Sunglasses Supplier

Wholesale Sunglasses Supplier in China , Offer You High-Quality Sunglasses, Big Ready Stocks, Small MOQ, Logo Branding ,Worldwide Shipping!

Eyewearglobo: 2022 Your Trusted China Wholesale Sunglasses Manufacturer

Looking for a trustable wholesale sunglasses supplier? Eyewearglobo is one of the leading wholesale sunglasses manufacturer in China. We are always ready to be your good partner and help your eyewear business grow fast. If you need the support of wholesale eyewear suppliers, as a professional China sunglasses factory, Eyewearglobo  will not only provide you with high quality sunglasses, but also help you at the best price. No matter you are a startup, small or big wholesale suppliers in your local markets, eyewear brand, company need sunglasses as promotion products or gifts… We will do the best to help.We has full series ready stock sunglasses in warehouse, can meet your fast delivery requirement and low minimum order quantity request.We also supports wholesale custom sunglasses with your logo.

Polarized Wholesale Sunglasses from China Wholesale Sunglasses Manufacturer

Polarized sunglasses are for anti-glare wear and best-selling accessories, it will help people see objects more clearly.

Wholesale sunglasses polarized in bulk at lowest price from China polarized sunglasses manufacturer to save your cost. Eyewearglobo has huge polarized wholesale sunglasses collections for women’s & men’s & kid’s, one-stop wholesale sunglasses supplier save your time and money.

If you need custom wholesale polarized sunglasses, we can customize them for you.

Aviator Sunglasses Wholesale from China Wholesale Sunglass Manufacturers

Aviator sunglasses is a hot style, its with large drop-shaped lenses can block as much light as possible from the human eye.

Buy wholesale aviator sunglasses bulk for men & women from China sunglasses vendor at factory cheap wholesale price, sufficient inventory, small MOQ, fast shipping, good service.  Heappy will be your long term wholesale business partner.

Mirror aviator sunglasses wholesale and clear aviator sunglasses wholesale both accepted by us.

Womens Sunglasses Wholesale from Wholesale Sunglasses China Manufacturer

The market demand for ladies sunglasses is huge every year. Where to import wholesale sunglasses cheap in bulk for women? Eyewearglobo, as one of China wholesale sunglass manufacturers, offers women’s fashion sunglasses wholesale in bulk at inexpensive price, we offer you the best selection of sunglasses wholesale for women. 

Mens Sunglasses Wholesale from China Wholesale Sunglasses Supplier

Men’s sunglasses are specially designed for men. In addition to the protective function of sunglasses, they also highlight the charm of men.

Wanna cheap wholesale mens sunglasses in bulk from wholesale sunglass suppliers in China? We offers high quality and a wide range of men’s sunglasses and mens designer sunglasses wholesale at great prices, enough stock, small minimum order quantity, fast shipping!

Wholesale Kids Sunglasses from China Sunglasses Wholesale Suppliers

Bulk wholesale childrens sunglasses (or wholesale sunglasses for toddlers, or baby sunglasses wholesale) from China sunglasses manufacturer and sunglasses wholesale suppliers is a great way to save your cost and time.

Eyewearglobo is the #1 kid’s sunglasses manufacturer and bulk wholesaler in China, we adopt TPEE eco-friendly flexible material which is safer to wear, UV400 and polarized passed, wide collections of kid’s sunglasses in many styles, colors and sizes for your options, CE & FDA approved high-quality, sufficient inventory, sunglasses wholesale bulk at best price and small MOQ start supported.

Wholesale Vintage Sunglasses from China Wholesale Sunglasses Vendor

Are you looking for retro vintage sunglasses wholesale? Heappy is your trusted sunglasses wholesale vendor in China provides large selection of vintage style sunglasses wholesale at lowest prices. Wholesale sunglasses bulk in high quality with worldwide shipping.

Our collection of the best sellers of retro and vintage styles, these styles are proven top sellers based on extensive research and statistics. Cooperate with Eyewearglobo and wholesale retro sunglasses bulk will save your a lot of money as you can get high quality and right products to the markets.

Wholesale Sunglasses Fashion from China Fashion Sunglasses Wholesale Suppliers

Trend sunglasses will shine in the eyewear industry every year, and the demand is stable. Want to bulk wholesale fashion sunglasses China? The Chinese fashion sunglasses wholesale suppliers offer big stock of fashion wholesale sunglasses.

Wholesale sunglasses by the dozen in bulk price from eyewearglobo will be your best choice, various fashion styles, high quality, fast shipping worldwide.

Wholesale Cat Eye Sunglasses from China Best Wholesale Sunglass Company

Cat eye sunglasses are hot this season, as one of wholesale sunglasses vendors in China, Heappy offers a vast inventory of styles and features cats eye sunglasses that are sure to please your customers and increase your income.

Eyewearglobo wholesale cat eye sunglasses bulk cheap price, high quality, worldwide shipping. Small minimum order quantity start from 12 pairs, wholesale sunglasses in bulk from sunglass wholesale China are surely to save your a lot of cost and make more profit.

Wholesale Round Sunglasses from China Sunglasses Wholesale Supplier

Round sunglasses are hip and trendy, dates back many decades, widely used by many celebrities and fashion icons today.

Are you want to wholesale sunglasses for resale? Then wholesale round sunglasses bulk from China will be your best choice. As a wholesale sunglasses supplier and manufacturer in China, Eyewearglobo offers you cheap wholesale sunglasses in bulk, CE and FDA compliance, low MOQ wholesale sunglasses by the dozen, enough stock, fast shipping and great services will rocket your business.

Wholesale Square Sunglasses from China Sunglass Wholesale Vendors

Square sunglasses will modify the shape of people’s faces, making people look more stylish and cool, so this style of sunglasses has always been loved by people.

Choosing to import square sunglasses from Eyewearglobo– a Chinese wholesale sunglasses supplier and factory will be your wise choice, because there are many different quality grades of sunglasses for you to choose from, cheap prices, sufficient stock, fast delivery and global shipment support.

Wholesale Oversized Sunglasses from China Wholesale Sunglass Suppliers

Over the years, oversized sunglasses have become trends in the fashion industry, and this trend does not seem to disappear soon. The oversized sunglasses style completely changed the fashion trend of the 1960s, and then returned to fashion shows and streets in the world.

Want to buy oversized sunglasses wholesale in bulk from sunglasses supplier China? Heappy stocks different styles including oversized vintage / fashion / aviator / square / rimless / bling / rhinestone / big frame sunglasses for your selection. Wholesale sunglasses in China at cheap price will make you more profitable.

Wholesale Rimless Sunglasses from China Wholesale Sunglasses Manufacturer

The lightweight and easy to wear rimless sunglasses will be the best replacement for people who do not like thick framed sunglasses.  The oversized rimless sunglasses and rimless vintage sunglasses are the hot items.

If you want to wholesale rimless sunglasses for your business or personal project needs, bulk wholesale sunglasses from China is your top choice. The wholesale sunglasses are of great quality for the price, a large of stocked products will be shipped to you in short time and make you seize the marketing opportunities. No matter what countries you are from, our worldwide shipping service will send the sunglasses to your hand.

Wholesale Clip On Sunglasses from China Wholesale Sunglass Manufacturers

Clip on sunglasses will be necessary accessories when people get out in sun or driving and have prescription glasses and need sunglasses. UV400 polarized clip on sunglasses wholesale is a popular business especially for summer. 

Buy polarized clip on sunglasses for bulk wholesale from sunglasses factory in China will save your cost and time. Eyewearglobo supply high quality eyewear at inexpensive prices will make your stand out from your competitors and win more market share. Cheap wholesale sunglasses by the dozen is supported for you to start business.

Metal Sunglasses Wholesale from China Wholesale Sunglasses Supplier

Metal frame sunglasses can better highlight one’s temperament, top quality in metal sunglasses with styles that fit people’s everyday apparel. 

Huge selection for men’s and women’s wear, cheap price, fast shipping, bulk wholesale sunglasses from China is your trusted eyewear partner to rocket your business.

Wholesale Designer Sunglasses from China Wholesale Designer Sunglasses Suppliers

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Designer inspired sunglasses are part of the fashionista’s, more and more people like sunglasses with unique design.

Wanna cheap designer sunglasses wholesale to expand your business? Bulk wholesale designer sunglasses China manufacturer and supplier – Eyewearglobo – will be your good choice to add your product lines, save your cost and time. We collect 1000+ styles for your selection and enough stock to make sure you can get goods in short days.

Wholesale Acetate Sunglasses from China Sunglasses Manufacturer and Supplier

“Acetate” is the common name for high-grade resin in the glasses industry. Its actual ingredient is acetate. Its characteristics are light weight, good elasticity and toughness, and belong to polymer materials. The sheet spectacle frame is not easy to be deformed or discolored, has a good layering, and is durable, with high hardness and good gloss. The combination with the steel skin strengthens the firm performance, and the style is beautiful, durable, and it is very popular.

If you want to custom and wholesale acetate sunglasses, Eyewearglobo as a China leading acetate sunglasses manufacturer will be your wise choice. You can custom your own acetate sunglasses at low MOQ and competitive price.

Wholesale Unisex Sunglasses from China Sunglasses Manufacturer and Supplier

The unisex sunglasses can reduce your inventory and SKU, which greatly facilitates your inventory management. At the same time, many couples also want to wear the same sunglasses to express their close relationship, which has great market demand.

Wholesale unisex sunglasses is good business, if you want to wholesale unisex sunglasses from China, Eyewearglobo will be your reliable partner and boom your business.

Wholesale Sports Sunglasses from China Sunglasses Wholesale Suppliers

More and more people are fond of outdoor sports. Sports sunglasses are essential equipment for outdoor sportsmen to protect their glasses from harm.

Bulk wholesale sports sunglasses from reliable China Sport Sunglasses manufacturers, a large of collections of Running / Cycling / Fishing / Wayfarer / Golf / Driving Sunglasses / Ski Goggles for your selection. Eyewearglobo offers factory low bulk price, high quality, small MOQ request, worldwide shipping, 7/24 service support will make you sleep well if cooperated with us.

Wholesale Ski Goggles from China Sunglasses Manufacturer and Supplier

Ski goggles are divided into ordinary snowboard and double-board sports ski goggles and snowmobile snow goggles. Due to the strong reflection of the sun on the snow, and the cold wind irritating the eyes when sliding, ski goggles are needed to protect the eyes of skiers. It should be noted that skiers who wear glasses should choose OTG model Over The Glasses so that they can cover all the myopia.

Ski goggles are used to block light and wind. It is recommended to wear resin glasses with rims as much as possible. The color of the lenses is preferably yellow or brown.

Ski goggles should have the following functions: first, to prevent cold wind from irritating the eyes; second, to prevent ultraviolet rays from burning the eyes; third, the mirror surface should not be fogged; fourth, the ski goggles should not cause damage to the face after a fall . Fifth, the lens is resistant to impact. International standards must pass the DROP BALL TEST and impact resistance test.

Wholesale ski goggles from Heappy, we supply many classic and stylish ski goggles for your options,  and with affordable wholesale price.

Wholesale Cycling Sunglasses from China Sunglasses Manufacturer and Supplier

Cycling sunglasses is a kind of sunglasses specially worn by cyclists. In addition to the common function of general sports glasses, it also has the function of blocking ultraviolet radiation. According to different needs, different lens colors should be selected for cycling glasses.

To choose a suitable pair of riding sunglasses, you need to consider many factors. In addition to considering the comfort of wearing, the other most important factor is the color of the lens. The color of the cycling sunglasses can be roughly divided into nine colors:

The yellow lens is suitable for use in dimly lit conditions and at night, reducing the light reflection of the lens and achieving a brightening effect;

Black lenses, anti-ultraviolet rays, filter out glare and harmful light to the eyes, protect the eyes;

Colorless lenses are ideal for foggy or gray weather;

Red or orange is the best overall, which can make the surrounding terrain more clear.We will offer you competitive price, low MOQ and fast delivery if you wholesale riding sunglasses from us. You will get more than you expected.

Strict Materials choosing and Production Skills For Sunglass




Nose Pads



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For HighEnd Series sunglasses in stock, the minimum order quantity for wholesale is 35 pcs pairs from mixed modles. For all Regular sunglasses in stock, the minimum order quantity for wholesale is 6-12pcs  each item.The MOQ for OEM, Custom sunglasses Based on Tech Packs varies according to the material, generally 300 to 1200 pairs each item.

As a professional sunglasses manufacturer and wholesaler, all sunglasses are  tested in strict accordance with the CE and FDA certification requirements for glasses production to ensure that all glasses are qualified products before they are released to customers.   purchase from us with confidence.


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